2021 Wellness Habits

2020 was the first year I started taking forming habits seriously. After reading James Clear’s Atomic Habits, I decided I wanted to build an identity of being healthy. With the help of Routinery, I maintained these habits through the end of the year:

  • Meditate for five minutes every morning
  • Do some kind of exercise every day
  • Have a consistent morning and nighttime routine (I have a 169 day morning routine streak as of writing!)

I want to continue reinforcing these habits in 2021. In addition, I also want for work on forming new habits. However, having an overarching “goal” or “resolution” for an entire year seems pretty unlikely to succeed for me. In “Your Theme”, CGP Grey proposes that making goals for one season (fall, winter, spring, summer) at a time is more effective. He argues that our bodies can mark the passing of time during a season more naturally than during a year. Similarly, Nicky Case describes how they focused on forming one habit each month in “Habits I (Tried To) Make in 2018.”

Given all of this, here’s my current plan:

  • In February, I want to fix my sleep schedule. This means going to bed before midnight every night. I kind of did this in the fall of 2020, but I messed it up during winter and the college application process. Now that I’m done with both school (at least until the semester break ends) and college applications, I can get back on track.
  • Also in February, I want to practice violin daily. My practice schedule was (unfortunately) very infrequent and inconsistent in 2020. Clear advises to “make it easy”; so, I will aim for five minutes of practice every day. This is a pretty low bar, so hopefully it motivates me to pick up my violin more (and I usually end up practicing more than five minutes anyway).
  • I want to start doing strength training sometime later this winter or spring (maybe March? I’ll work out more details then). I kind of got lazy in the fall since I was going out for runs every afternoon, but now I want to get back into bodyweight fitness since I’ve lost a lot of strength 🙁
  • I’m supposed to be doing a set of physical therapy exercises for my ankles daily, but instead I’ve been doing them once a month. Doing them once a week might be feasible? I’m going to think more about how I can fit them into one of my existing routines.

I left a lot of out of my plan, but I’m hoping to revisit this post in a month, update it with my progress, and adapt the details for the next month. Or, maybe I will forget ¯\(ツ)/¯. Nonetheless, I think focusing on sleep and violin is a good start, and I’m tracking all of my habits in Notion as well.