2021 AMCs

12A: CCCCC C.CC. CCCCX C.C.. .....
14 * 6 + 1 * 0 + 10 * 1.5 = 99

12B: CCCCC CCCCC ...C. C..C. .....
13 * 6 + 0 * 0 + 12 * 1.5 = 96

Key: C = correct, X = incorrect, . = blank

I thought I’d post about the AMCs since they took place recently. Math competitions kind of took a backseat this fall and winter due to college applications and my schoolwork. 99 and 96 are still pretty decent scores, given that I didn’t prepare.

This was my last time taking the AMCs. Frankly, good riddance! The AMCs have always been my least favorite math competitions because they emphasize speed over deep thinking.

I did enjoy some of this year’s problems: I really liked #18 on the 12A and #16 and #19 on the 12B. Unfortunately, I got blocked by a lot of the earlier problems and didn’t make it to final five on either test. I might try to upsolve a little bit later on, but that remains to be seen.

I’m looking forward to solving the AIME problems this spring!